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Every year, thousands of workers have been injured in construction accidents, industrial accidents, mining accidents, and other types of workplace accidents. Workers are at the mercy of an unexpected insurance claim system. Some workers will receive the compensation they are required to recover but many people will not.

Coal mining is one of the most dangerous work environments. Mines know this and accept the risk of a certain level with their work. They understand that some can easily go wrong; they can be left with serious or potentially fatal injuries.

But, no one should accept the injury or death which could have been stopped. If you were injured while working for the mining company, then you were asked to apply for the benefits of workers’ compensation, which was reasonable.
With time restrictions that apply to many legal complications and mining accidents, you have to contact our Perth lawyers specializing in workers compensation as soon as possible after a mine Site Accident.

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Injuries Covered in Mining accident?

All types of injuries are covered by the labor compensation system – including neck or back injury, broken legs or arms, knee or ankle injury, shoulder injury, foot or hand injury, head injury, depression.

When is the best time to appoint a lawyer?
There is a limitation period with labor compensation claims and common law matters, it is always best that the lawyer is included quickly so that time limits cannot be erased and kept for proper medical treatment.

Why Us?
Our mining accident Australia, lawyers know how to investigate and follow the compensation claims of third parties and workers. When we start working for you, we will make a team of lawyers, legal professionals, and other experts. Our Workers Compensation Lawyers Perth represents the injured workers in all types of industrial, construction, and mining accidents.

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