Slip and fall claims Perth

If you have slipped and collapsed in an accident that is not your fault and as a result have been injured, you may want to pursue legal grounds for compensation. Slip and collapse accidents occur in all types of places but are usually in public places like shopping centers, retail outlets and offices and apartment buildings. Most slip and fall claims are the result of insoluble cleaning.

To prove your claim, you may need advice from best workers compensation lawyers Perth so that it can be ascertained that your claim has the merit and will be compensated successfully. Prior injuries, neck injuries, and hip injuries are among the most common types of claims, although various types of injuries have been included in the Public Liability Law.

There are strict timelines applicable to all public liability or slip travel and fall claims. Generally, you have to register your claim within three years, when you were injured, but it is better to start the claim process first, so it is necessary that you get legal advice of slip and fall claims Perth Australia as soon as possible.

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What can you claim for?

If you are involved in a slip and collapse accident and you are injured, then you can claim compensation for previous and future medical costs, loss of income, loss of support (in a case of death) and physical damage. Most slip and fall claims are excluded from the court, without participating in the hearing.

What can we do for you?
Slip and fall claim Perth has a team of public liability lawyers who can give you information about your options going further. Our slip, travel or fall out lawyers provide legal services on a non-payment fee guarantee, which means that you will not have to pay our legal costs until we win our claim.

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