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It is unfortunate that we live in an era where aggression and violence are all very common. We read and hear about it every day. If you are the victim of an attack, there are many different ways of claiming compensation.

Assault has been classified as a crime against a person and includes attacks on common assault, physical injury, attack, serious attacks or serious crimes, including assault, theft is intended to.

When used in situations where the accused is in the family and the domestic relationship with the victim or the child was present or conduct was the order to stop the violence or age of the victim is 60 years of age or older.
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Penalties for attack:-

A common attack is a relatively simple summary crime, which means that it will be presented in the magistrates’ court. An accused convicted in the initial phase of court proceedings is sometimes exempted by the court for such a crime, although it relies on personal circumstances of all matters.
Where the accused injuries a bodily injury or a victim, who interferes with his health or comfort, there is also a fine and imprisonment for an attack in the intent or excitement situations. In some circumstances, the accused can argue for the provocation or self-defense. Keep in mind that in some cases the use of force may be illegal even if it is done by the consent of the other person.

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