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If a person is injured as a result of treatment or due to lack of treatment provided by medical practitioner or other health care provider, you can claim compensation.

For any claims related to medical negligence, you should be able to prove the probability that the doctor or hospital wanted to give you the care of care, the duty of care was broken and you have to suffer injury, loss, and loss due to duty violations.

If medical treatment is in the context of any other type of claim such as motor vehicle accident or labor compensation claim, then medical negligence solicitors Perth will help you with these two claims and what you can expect from both.

If you claim a medical negligence against a physician, affiliated health care provider or hospital, then it is most likely that the claim will be covered by the insurance policy which was previously taken by the physician.


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medical negligence
Claims covered?

For the recovery of compensation against injury or loss, the injured person should be shown to the doctor or other health care provider’s mistake, due to which he was hurt.

  • Delay in diagnosis;
  • Failure on time or time to diagnose a medical condition;
  • Failure to refer a patient to a specialist in a timely manner to investigate further;
  • Due to extra or severe damage due to negligence;
  • To make or make an existing medical condition;
  • Misrepresenting or failing in reporting correctly on test results;
  • Failure to provide proper care, treatment or advice after surgery.

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