Workers compensation lawyers Perth is a service of Tang Law. Workers compensation is basically a compensation for the injured workers and in most of the cases, they receive this compensation even if the workplace injury was their own fault. Hence if your employer does not accept your claim for workers compensation or if you are engaged in any type of work cover dispute, the workers compensation lawyers Perth will help you in the best possible way and if necessary commence proceedings and provide representation too.
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What should a worker do when he got injured at work?

Firstly you need to inform your employer immediately and make a workers’ compensation claim. It will be helpful to you if there were any witnesses, of whom you can obtain the personal details such as their name, address, etc. plus their statement if required.

Under the Workers Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981, the workers who have accepted the worker’s compensation claim are entitled to get benefits of:

  • Compensation regarding medical and allied health treatment expenses.
  • Compensation in concern with the loss of wages.
  • Compensation regarding workplace rehabilitation expenses.
  • Compensation on behalf of travel and other expenses.
  • Compensation for the periods of incapacity for work.

Workers compensation lawyer Perth helps in Vocational rehabilitation to assist you in returning to your job.

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