A Guide To The Legal Timeline For Slip And Fall Claims

March 5, 2024    Workers Compensation Lawyers
A Guide To The Legal Timeline For Slip And Fall Claims

There are many injuries that you can be inflicted with while working, some more serious than others. Anytime workers suffer an injury during work or while fulfilling their job duties, they are entitled to workers’ compensation. This insurance covers workers’ financial loss, medical and other costs when injured at work.

If you’ve experienced such an injury at work or in a public space at someone else’s fault, contact some of our best slip and fall injury lawyers in WA to help you make your insurance claim.

What’s A Slip-And-Fall Claim?

If you are ever injured in a public space, at the fault of another person or some third party, then you are entitled to financial support through a slip and fall injury claim. This claim is bright against the individual or multiple individuals who may have been involved in your accident. This can be held against them either partly or wholly, where they are held responsible for creating conditions conducive to injury.

If your claim is accepted, the settlement for this claim will include the medical costs and financial losses you’ve incurred as a result of this injury.

How Can You Prove a Slip-And-Fall Claim?

Being injured on public property is not enough to justify a slip and fall claim. It must necessarily be caused as a result of the negligence of another party. Here’s how you can take it up:

  • The Party That Caused Your Injury Was Responsible For Your Care On That Premise

This is called the duty of care. Any person who occupies a premise at any given time is responsible for upholding this duty to others who might enter and use the same premise. For example, if you’re at a shopping mall or grocery store, it will have a duty of care towards all the staff members and customers who occupy its premises. This should involve the safety and security of everyone present.

  • There Was A Breach Of Duty Of Care From The Party

This implies that the third party was negligent in their behaviour and responsibilities of ensuring the safety and security of people on the premises where they owe a duty of care. For example, when a shopping mall does not regularly clean its floors after liquid spills or has unchecked hazards with no warnings. These count as breaches of care.

  • You Suffered Injuries And Losses As A Result Of This Breach

This is the basis upon which the slip and fall claim is made. This can be physical injury, psychological injury, economic loss or property damage. If this situation occurs in your office space or at any place while fulfilling your job requirements, it is necessary to contact your workers compensation lawyers in Perth as soon as possible.

What Is The Time Limit For A Slip And Fall Claim?

Slip and fall claims operate under strict time limits within which you must work if you’ve sustained injuries. You must do this along with your slip and fall injury lawyers in WA. It is important for you to be aware of the time limits and deadlines set for when you can make a claim.

You generally have three years to make a slip and fall injury claim. However, it is necessary to take action as soon as the injury occurs and not delay the claim later into the 3 years.

How Long Does The Settlement Take?

The time taken to settle a slip and fall claim can vary depending on the clauses of the case, the kind of injury and the level of injury sustained. In case of less severe injuries which can heal quickly, the settlements can be reached sooner. However, the settlement can take longer with more serious injuries where it is difficult to assess their outcomes.

Typically, it may take only a few months for your slip and fall claim to be settled.

Summing Up

While injuries are part and parcel of daily life and activities, they are certainly a cause of distress when caused due to negligence. That is why it is important to know the financial compensation you are entitled to and make slip-and-fall claims on time. The best workers compensation lawyers in WA are experienced and adept at this field. Contact the team for consultations today.

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