Seeking Justice: How to Claim Compensation for Spinal Cord Injuries in Perth

November 8, 2023    Workers Compensation Lawyers
Seeking Justice: How to Claim Compensation for Spinal Cord Injuries in Perth

The spinal cord is one of the most important parts of the human body, as it works as the information highway between the brain and the bodily organs. It comprises a bundle of nerves that carry stimulus and reflex signals from and to the motor organs. People getting harmed in this organ because of other’s errors can claim spinal cord compensation in WA; however, they will need to follow some regulations set by the Australian legal structure.

Spinal cord injuries can be devastating to someone’s life. However, suppose that harm was because of another person (for example, another driver in a road accident), the result of your employer’s negligence, or an official responsible for a public space.

In that case, you will be entitled legally to achieve spinal injury compensation from the concerned authority. Still, it will help to consult experienced workers’ compensation and personal injury lawyers.

Understanding spinal cord injury

The spinal cord is covered by the backbone (a network of interconnected vertebrae protecting a thick nerve collection below your hindbrain). It covers a thick nerve bundle measuring 1 – 2 centimetres in width and 40 – 50 centimetres in length. As these nerve bundles take and carry messages from all the internal organs to the brain, injuries can lead to severe consequences for the affected person.

Relatedly, the facts below will help to understand the basic nature of spinal cord injury and will help in putting a spinal cord injury compensation claim:

  • The spinal cord is a highly refined and delicate neural structure whose injury may be irreversible and permanent.
  • Paraplegia (paralysis of the lower limbs) or quadriplegia/tetraplegia (stunting of the motor action of body parts below the neck) can occur because of SCI, depending on the wound site.
  • In cases where the affected person broke their back or neck but not the spinal cord, they may recover decently after appropriate physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Consulting with the most experienced and best spinal cord injury lawyer in Perth will help you get a successful claim and appropriate compensation.

Statistical reports concerning spinal cord wounds

The available statistics show that Queensland receives a spinal cord injury (SCI) report every four days – which goes up to 90 people per year. It also states that 74% affected with SCI are male, whereas the median population age of SCI stands at 51 years old. Some other important statistical information about SCI is given below:

  • Falling from above contributes to approximately 36% of all traumatic SCI cases, of which 21% were due to high falls and 14% were due to low falls.
  • 7% of cases were water–related (for example, getting thrown by a wave, diving into shallow water, jumping in stone-filled water bodies etc.).
  • Maximum distressing SCI cases (46%) occurred because of land transport crashes (they involve motorised vehicle occupiers and unprotected terrestrial vehicle users like pedal cyclists, quad bike – riders, motorcyclists, and even pedestrians).

Legal cases represented by the best spinal cord injury lawyer in Perth have the highest chances of getting the appropriate compensation.

What can a victim claim as compensation?

Victims of motor vehicle accidents (truck, motorbike, and cars) can get the following entitlements as their spinal injury compensation as given below:

  • Support income payments

They will receive six months of payment to compensate for time off work.

  • Medical expenses 

They will receive reimbursements for medical expenditures like important special equipment and vehicles, home modifications, surgery, and physiotherapy.

  • General law claim for adjusted damages

The victim will be entitled to a lump sum payout if they got non-minor injuries and were not critically at fault.

  • Internal support 

If the victim’s injuries were judged as not serious and they were mostly not responsible for the event.

  • Pain and suffering

If the victim isn’t mostly at fault and qualifies in the 11% whole person impairment threshold, they will receive lump sum expenses.

However, if your injury wasn’t due to a motor vehicle accident, you may receive different spinal cord injury compensation from the responsible party. It is better to talk with the most knowledgeable and best workers compensation lawyers Perth.

Symptoms of spinal cord injury

Accidents can happen in the workplace also – and in fields like construction, architecture, and places concerning considerable heights, the chances of SCI are also greater. However, if you could recognise these symptoms beforehand, you will be in a favourable position for spinal cord compensation in WA claims. Here are the most apparent signs the best workers compensation lawyers Perth should be informed of:

  • In most of the spinal cord injury claims in Perth, the victims report shock as the symptom of the SCI. They also state loss of muscle reflexes, difficulty with movement, feeling loss, and other connected problems. However, these symptoms may change as the swelling subsides, and new symptoms may arise.
  • Usually, the severity of SCI will increase as it occurs closer to the head. The affected areas are wider as the spinal cord path is compressed.
  • Injuries in the neck (the cervical area) or the mid–cervical area can give rise to serious complications like breathing issues and nerve and muscle control in the bladder, bowel, legs, and sexual functions.

The intensity and level of damage will affect the way the best workers compensation lawyers Perth will present the case so that you get the maximum compensation. The spinal cord injury claims in Perth will change whether it is:

  • Complete SCI: 

The victim of the wound cannot move or feel below the injury level.

  • Incomplete SCI: 

Some movement or feeling below the affected area exists.

It is worthwhile to examine your spine if you have injured it in an accident, as some symptoms can occur in other medical issues. The best spinal cord injury lawyer in Perth will be able to set up an airtight claim if the pieces of evidence are verified and correct.

Final Thoughts 

The time limit for claiming legal benefits for earning loss is 28 days and 3 months for others. The claimant can also file a lump sum payout in addition to these benefits within three years. So, to get the justified spinal cord injury compensation benefits, it is better to consult the most experienced legal agencies and lawyers.

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