What Benefits Are Available In Perth Through Workers’ Compensation For Assault Victims?

May 6, 2024    Workers Compensation Lawyers
What Benefits Are Available In Perth Through Workers’ Compensation For Assault Victims?

Assault can be described as a violent crime involving both physical injury and suffering when another person inflicts it. It can consist of blunt force attacks such as pushing, shoving, kicking, or punching. Apart from the physical attacks, some other attacks are also considered assaults, even though there are no physical signs.

Unfortunately, in this era, crimes and assaults are a common occurrence. We come to know about violence and aggression every day. The legal system in WA acknowledges that assaults can be moderate to severe. Victims of such attacks can claim compensation for assault in Perth, Australia. But before we delve deep into the topic, let’s take a look at injuries that qualify as assaults.

Injuries regarded as assaults

Injuries in which a victim can claim compensation for assault in Perth are listed.

  • Claims can be made in case of a physical injury
  • Mental injuries cannot be seen but are considered as an assault.
  • Redressal is provided in case of a nervous shock
  • Compensation is provided if injuries are inflicted during pregnancy

Reimbursements can be asserted if the incident has been reported to the legal body or police. It can be valid even if the offender has fled, been convicted, or unidentified.

Redressal will not be paid if the guilty is already on trial. It will not be considered if the police have not been informed or assisted with the investigation. Charges will not be applicable if the victim was injured while they were engaged in criminal activity themselves.

Know More About The Compensations Assault Victims Are Entitled To

The state of WA allows a minimum of $75,000.00 per offence to a maximum of $150,000.00. You can apply for workers’ compensation for assault victims and get one-off special assistance payments ranging from $3,000 to $15,000.

Financial assistance from VOCAT and TAC can be obtained if loss or damage of clothing or accessories is reported.

The amount is decided on various factors, such as injury severity. The level of pain and suffering imposed due to the assault and whether the quality of life has been impacted or not. The victim’s loss of income is gauged. Medical and therapeutic expenses are calculated. Extra expenditures such as travel, damages, or loss of personal items are also taken into account. In the case of a deceased person, their close relatives can ask for compensation.

Time Limits Of The Crime Claim

You can lodge a plea for an application within three years from the date of the offence in WA. A person can appeal when their injuries have stabilised. In case of deaths or emergencies, exceptions are made.

You can also apply after three years, but a letter containing written reasons for the delay must be provided.

Steps To Apply For Victims Of Crime Compensation

A citizen of WA can complain to the eCourt portal. It can be lodged by the assault victims themselves or by their legal assistants. The grievances can be registered without a fee. You can also apply through your workers’ compensation provider.

Does The Victim Require A Legal Guide?

Seeking for legal assistance is not mandatory for the victims. However, it can aid in getting the best possible outcome without the mental burden.

Assault victims must get expert legal aid from an advocate if the victim is a minor. Asking for help from highly professional workers’ compensation lawyers in Perth may be necessary if the assault is over three years old or has not been registered.

People suffering from prolonged domestic or sexual abuse can ask for a representative. Legal assistance will be required if the assault victim is dead. Individuals may also look for assistance if they are not satisfied with the compensation.

In conclusion

As stated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 1.7% of people around 15 years of age and above faced physical assault in the year 2022-23. Around 2.2% of the population had dealt with face-to-face threatened assault. At this time, 34% of males aged 18 and above have experienced bodily assault. So, the need for compensation and legal intervention is quite evident.

The best workers compensation lawyers in Perth, WA, are experts in victim of crime claims. They assist an individual in comprehending their rights so that they can receive their compensation hassle-free. Your legal advisor will work tirelessly for you so that you do not miss out on any rights and entitlements you deserve.

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